Terms of Service

By using our services you agree to these terms of service, which may be altered from time to time, so check back often and ask us for clarification if you have questions.
We reserve the right to terminate service without cause, though we'll try to discuss it with your first.
We do not endorse the illegal downloading of copyrighted material or other illegal activity using the internet. We may cancel service without notice to repeat offenders. If we repeatedly get DMCA notices about you, you should probably stop doing that (DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
If you attack, or cause our network to be digitally attacked, either internally or externally, we reserve the right to cancel service without notice. This includes DDoS attacks, spreading malware, malicious spying, and other attacks which seek to deny or impede services to other customers or users.
We respect your privacy and do not sell any of your information to marketers, which are often the evil scourge of the planet. We think you should encrypt your own data to make sure you're the only one who can see it besides whoever you share it with. They should encrypt it too. Yay encryption!
If you're having issues with the service, let us know, we really want it to work too. We built this system to solve the same service problems you had, so we care. Being nice is most excellent.
If you choose to cancel our service, let us know. Notify us as soon as possible and let us know when we can remove our equipment.

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