Network Management Practices Statement
Blocking, Throttling, Prioritization - IVDC does not block nor prioritize end-user internet access to lawful content, applications, service, or non-harmful devices. We do not block or rate-control any specific protocols or favor certain applications or classes of applications. We only throttle all access to and from a specific customer when that customer’s monthly payment is overdue. IVDC does not participate in any practice that prioritizes traffic that directly or indirectly favors some traffic over other traffic to benefit any affiliate.
Congestion management – When we see traffic congestion in an area, we work to grow or change our system to accommodate that growth. (We are always growing and improving).
Security – While we don’t sell your data to marketers or others, we recommend you encrypt everything you can and thereby take security into your own hands. This means you don’t need to trust us, or anyone else besides the intended recipient of your communication, whether by email, web or anything else. You should encrypt stuff. encryption is good. Yay encryption!
Performance Characteristics – IVDC provides fixed wireless broadband internet service to businesses, government entities, and individuals. Which means we put up an antenna on a building or other structure as practical and aim it at one of our many repeater sites in the valley. We do our best to provide the speed the customer is paying for (within +/-10%) to the router. Latency should be less than 100ms, often much less. For a list of the speed packages we provide and the monthly prices, please see our “Local Internet” page (
Fees - There are no data limits, so there are no overage fees. There are no administration, or other miscellaneous fees. There are no contracts, so there is no early termination fee. Please read your Terms of Service paperwork that comes with your install.
Privacy Policies – IVDC is a big supporter of our customers’ privacy. We will track the speed (not the actual data info) you use to help us manage our network and to help us troubleshoot problems when they arise. On occasion, IVDC will inspect traffic, but only for the purpose of network management and troubleshooting. We will not sell (or give) any of your info to marketers or other customers or other companies (or individuals) that will sell your info to marketers. If you are concerned about privacy, please encrypt your traffic so that only you and whomever you share it with will see it. It’s good for you, it’s good for us, it’s good for everyone.
Redress Options – If you are having a problem, please call, email, Facebook Messenger, or text us, or just stop by the office. We will get it resolved as quickly as we can. If you want to discontinue service, please let us know end date and a time when we can pick up our equipment. IVDC has a money-back guarantee for install costs if we are notified within 30 days of installation (please give us a chance to resolve any problem you may have before canceling).
However, we reserve the right to terminate service without cause, though we'll try to discuss it with your first. We do not endorse the illegal downloading of copyrighted material or other illegal activity using the internet. We may cancel service without notice to repeat offenders. If we repeatedly get DMCA notices about you, you should probably stop doing that (DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act). If you attack, or cause our network to be digitally attacked, either internally or externally, we reserve the right to cancel service without notice. This includes DDoS attacks, spreading malware, malicious spying, and other attacks which seek to deny or impede services to other customers or users.
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